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Premio relato de terror en Bachillerato (Inglés): Shape Shifter

I was on vacation with all my classmates in a forest of France.

On the 3rd day, the teachers let us explore the forest with a classmate. My friend Lucas and I were walking near a river when we saw a little house.

We knew that it was dangerous, but we kept moving. Once we arrived, I found out the door was open. I entered the house, despite the warnings of my friend, who was still outside. Inside there was only a big old closet. While I was approaching, my heart was crazy and my hands couldn’t stop shaking. I put my hand in the knocker and open it. Inside there was only the unconscious body of my friend.

At that moment, I turned around and saw my…friend? And he was closing the door while having a terrifying smile, a crazy one I think. I was in panic. “What ‘s happening´´ I yelled. Without thinking, I kicked the door until it was open. Then I ran, I ran for my life, I ran to escape from that thing. And then I saw a light pointing at me. It was my teacher. I hugged her and said “please, help me! ´´. She asked what happened. I explained everything. At that moment, I didn’t see that the teacher was smiling. Finally, she said that I lead the way to the campsite. At that moment, my heart stopped working when the light of the lantern falls to the ground. I turned my head and I saw my teacher transforming into a black, amorphous beast, with two cold white eyes looking at me. It was only watching me. And then, I yelled and ran again for my life. I don’t remember what happened next. I don’t trust anybody now. That thing is watching me. Please…help.  

Javier Caro. 1ºBachillerato B

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